Introducing our newest addition to the Roots to Fruits Family

Green Babies Daycare!

We are offering an environment for early childhood development and learning that promotes cultural identity and wholistic living. We serve live and vegan meals and have lessons in herbology, botany, nutrition and black body biology. Our curriculum is Afrikan-based both in methodology and content and designed to enhance and deepen the sense of identity and community. It also entails some of the classes that Roots to Fruits is known for, such as Pyramid Builders (math and science), introduction of various languages, with emphasis on Afrikan languages, Afrikan History and Arts & Crafts. In addition we strategically choose field trips and guest educators that are aligned with our mission and philosophy.

Ages 2 and up. Homeschooling is available. Children 4 and up have the option, at a reduced rate, to attend the afterschool Roots to Fruits program. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Rates are as follows:

$115 Mon-Friday, 8:00-6:00 (special arrangements are available for other hours).

$100 Mon-Friday, 5 hours or less per day

$25 per day, drop in

$50 Mon-Friday, 3:00-6:00 Roots to Fruits Afterschool Program (Children ages 4 and up)

$25 Mon-Friday, 3:00-6:00 Roots to Fruits Afterschool Program for children already enrolled in Green Babies.

Other discounts are extended to families with more than one child enrolled in either or both programs.

Evenings, weekends, overnights are available upon request.

Please contact Queen Taese, 678-368-8593



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